Best Black Friday Pet Deals in 2019

The holiday season is fast approaching! What better time to buy presents for your pets and pet-loving friends than Black Friday? Although pet deals seem unglamorous compared to smart tech deals, Black Friday is also an opportune time to stock up on the usual useful things you get for your ...

Top 10 Dangerous Canines

Some canine breeds always get stereotyped as dangerous. Because of this misconception, some cities and countries ban specific dog breeds even when animal behaviorists and pet experts say that any dog can be potentially menacing. Fair or not, the following dogs are considered by the majority ...

Dogs Training guide

It's a simple fact of pet ownership: training a dog is a lifelong process. Whether he knows five commands or 50, desired behaviors must constantly and consistently be reinforced. According to Best Friends professional trainers, offering patience and love are your best ways of communicating with ...

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