About me

I am Lara Baylosis, a.k.a Doc Azkal, which translates to “the street dog’s doctor” in my vernacular.

I grew up in a family that treats their pets as their extended family members. Dreaming of having my own little park, my father would bring me an assortment of animals to love — including an iguana!

When I was five years old, I nursed a tiny chick that was mutilated by a kingfisher. And because my family runs a meat shop, I would always run around the house yelling, “Thou shall not kill!” I have always had a soft spot for animals, especially for dogs.

I studied Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education at Jose Rizal Memorial University and enrolled in a short course in Information Technology at Systems Technology Institute.

In 2014, I decided to work as a full-time writer clad in comfy pajamas. By that time, I also became a fur-momma to Bobbie and Bungo.

My goal is to share my knowledge about health, training, diet, products, and everything else that has to do with taking care of our beloved beasts.

I base all of my advice on meticulous research and personal experience. Comparing canine products is a breeze, thanks to my cooperative furry pals. Unfortunately, I lost Bobbie three years later.

To cope up with our loss, my husband and I decided to take care of Barky, a senior Belgian Malinois.
Barky’s previous owners initially planned to put him down due to aggression. Luckily, a professional dog trainer has given me access to a free course in dog training, and it has been put to good use.

Me and my 13-year-old daughter Naomi worked every day with Barky to become the lovable and quirky dog he is today. Just recently, we found a furever home for Barky and adopted a rambunctious Chow Chow puppy whom we named Bao Bao.

Naomi isn’t my natural daughter, so she was a difficult ice to break when she came to live with us three years ago. She was emotionally paralyzed and unable to express herself.

However, she treated Bobbie and Bungo as though they were her little brothers. She picked Bungo as her favorite! I’ve seen many changes in her as the months went by. Taking care of our canine companions has helped her process her feelings, provide responsibility, and foster a sense of empathy, respect, kindness, and compassion. Three years later, the girl who was cloaked in shyness has now become my confident sidekick whose dream is to become a veterinarian!

I find it amazing how pets can make a difference in our lives. Do you have a pet, too? I hope my articles will help you take care of your furry pals and show them how much you love them. We don’t deserve our pets, but they surely deserve the best!

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