Top 8 Best Rat Cages

Best Rat Cages

Are you excited to own a pair of fancy rats? Don’t shop for toys and costumes just yet! Taking care of pet rats is not an effortless feat just because they are pocket-sized.

First, you need to provide your critters an enclosure with ideal conditions vital for their safety, comfort, and overall well being.

Don’t worry, though, as I have rounded up eight of the best rat cages in the market that could possibly fit all budgets.

  • If you are thinking of spoiling your rat buddies with the strongest, fanciest rat cage in the market, the 2-Story MidWest Deluxe Critter Nation 162 is the way to go! But as expected, the best rat cages always cost a pretty penny.
  • The Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage Is a great value alternative to the Critter Nation 162. This enclosure shares many similar features with its rival, and it looks sharp in any décor. Thankfully, it is way affordable than you think.
  • The Kaytee Ferret Home Plus is not without many flaws. But if your rats are angels, this bargain-priced cage is enough to satiate their curiosity and playfulness for an extended period.
  • The Kaytee My First Home is a cult favorite among new pet owners because it strikes the right balance between quality, affordability, design, and rat-friendliness.
  • The AmazonBasics Jumbo Rat Habitat is also a great starter cage. This product also serves as a crate for transporting your pets to the vet or on vacation.
  • The Mcage 3-Level Rodent Cage needs a bit of work, but if you put your heart into it, you can create a fantastic home for your rats without breaking the bank. The best thing about this unit is its deep PP plastic base, which is a godsend if your rats love to give their smelly poop a powerful kick!
  • I will not sugarcoat the reality of the Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home. Nevertheless, I would still recommend this unit despite its flaws. Why, because I know there are plenty of young children and students who long to have pets but can’t yet afford to buy an expensive cage. So, get this one while you save a fraction of your allowances!
  • The Prevue Hendryx 495 Earthtone Dusted Rose Cage is not as durable as Critter Nation cages, but rest assured it offers decent value for the price you pay. With proper maintenance, this habitat can last until you have enough bucks for a pricier option.

8 of the Best Rat Cages Reviewed

Number of doors
Best For
Easy Setup

36 x 25 x 63 inches
2 dual-locking door
Rats, Chinchillas,
Dagus, Ferrets
Check Price

31 x 20 x 54 inches
2 dual-locking door
Ferrets, adult rats
Check Price

24 x 24 x 44.2 inches
2 front access doors
Check Price

30.5 x 8.5 x 18.5 inches
2 front access doors
Chinchillas, rats and exotic pets
Check Price

48.6 x 26.6 x 20.6 inches
2 front openings
Pet rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, or chinchillas
Check Price

24 x 16 x 24 inches
2 front access doors
Any Small Animals
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32 x 19 x 17.5 inches
2 large entry doors
Any Small Animals
Check Price

31 x 20.5 x 40 inches
Large front access door
Rats, chinchillas or baby ferrets
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1. 2-Story MidWest Deluxe Critter Nation #162

2-Story MidWest Deluxe Critter Nation #16 Are you planning to give your furry pals a cozy and safe place they can call their own?

Try the Two-Story Deluxe Critter Nation cage by MidWest Homes.

Thousands of pet owners are convinced this model ranks no.1 among all the best rat cages in the market.

I, myself, had tried many great pens in the past, but this product by far scored highest in my criteria.

Now let me show you a rundown of its outstanding features.

  • Boasts of a Heavy-Duty Construction This well-made coop comprises of square-tubing and metal wiring. As you can see, the cage sports a glossy gray-quartz Hammertone finish. This feature will not only make it look sharp but will also prevent corrosion and conceal scratches.
  • Overall Design Provides Safety and Security The wires of the enclosure are horizontal, so your cuties can climb up happily. Since the gap between the wiring is only 1/2 inches, even your tiniest pocket pet cannot get away no matter how hard it tries. The full-width double doors also equip a reliable locking mechanism that no crafty rat can unlock.

    I expected that the coop would weigh about the same as others, but it is a lot heavier at 109 pounds. This is excellent news if you have a nosey canine who likes to knock things over. Additionally, the ramps have a delicate covering to provide traction and protection to my pets’ sensitive feet.

  • Offers Plenty of Ground and Height Space The enclosure measures 36 x 25 x 63 inches (inclusive of the stand). I am 5’4, and the coop is as tall as me. That should illustrate how big it is! Because of its generous space, I was able to refurbish the cage anyway I like. There is plenty of room for toys, hideouts, and exercise wheels.

    Within 10 minutes, little “ratscals” Rodrigo and Duterte, figured out how to jump onto their shelves and explore their castle. The elevated platform gives them a bird’s eye view. Since there are three height adjustments for the shelves, I was able to attach hammocks and ropes to the bottom.

  • A Breeze to Clean and Straightforward to Assemble Of course, the larger the cage, the easier it will be for you to clean. The doors open all the way, and you can remove them as well. Likewise, the shelves aren’t clip-on, which makes cleaning a lot faster. Assembly is also just as easy and may only take about 20 minutes.
  • Comes with a Storage Shelf and a Four-Wheeled Stand I suggest building the cage where you want it to be residing. The stand may include locking casters, but again, the coop feels too bulky to push around.
  • You Can Divide the Cage or Stack More Units When Need Be One last thing that I love about this habitat is its expandability. Likewise, you can divide the cage into two by merely closing the middle grate.
  • The “No-Tool” Assembly May Still Need Tools
    I did face some issues with a few panels not fitting snugly together. Fortunately, a few hits with a rubber mallet can force them into place.
  • The Trays are Too Shallow
    My biggest complaint is how shallow the trays are. Bedding flies all over my floor each time my rats frolic. This is a design flaw that MidWest should address. Nevertheless, I am beyond impressed with how the cage performs.

2. Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage When it comes to Prevue Hendryx, what you see is what you get! I didn’t believe my package will arrive with a free hammock, but it did!

Considering the budget-friendly price, I also assumed quickly that this cage would only meet my expectations halfway. Thankfully, this coop blew me away!

  • Offers Ample Room The Black Feisty Ferret Cage measures 31 x 20 x 54 inches (inclusive of the stand). Technically, this product is for ferrets, but you can use it to house adult rats, too. Although it isn’t as big as the Critter Nation 162, the difference is negligible. My girls Diva and Drama find it roomy enough after I added their playthings.
  • Suitable Housing for 2 – 3 Adult Rats The wires are 7/8 inches apart, which is narrow enough to prevent full-grown critters from escaping. Better yet, wrap the cage with wire mesh so that even baby mice can’t squeeze out of the bars.
  • Has Wide Doors with a Latch and Lock system Moreover, the doors are big enough for when you need to clean and make adjustments inside. All doors feature a reliable lock system, and there is a beautiful brushed nickel finish on each hardware.
  • Can be Divided into Two Separate Cages Also, you can close off the middle grate and create two separate cages. This feature is handy in the event when I am cleaning Rodrigo and Duterte’s cage.
  • Comes with a Storage Shelf and a Four-Wheeled Stand I also appreciate that the casters roll well. There is a shelf underneath the cage for storage, too.
  • Durable Construction at a Price You Can Afford Overall, the Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage is worth the money you pay for it because the build is powder-coated wrought iron. It is unbelievable that I spent so little on it!
  • The Ramps are Plastic but Slippery
    However, I had to put wooly socks on the ramps so that my cuties could gain traction. If you have a senior pet, it might struggle walking up the slopes. So, you might do the same as well. Likewise, I fastened the ramps using zip ties because sometimes they fall off when my rats get too excited.
  • The Floors are Wire
    Since both the base and the elevated area have wired flooring, I have to place a kitchen tray on those levels. Otherwise, I would be risking my fuzzy darlings acquiring bumblefoot! I also dislike the cumbersome assembly.

3. Kaytee Ferret Home Plus

Kaytee Ferret Home Plus As the name suggests, this cage is for ferrets, but if you want to upgrade your rats’ humble abode, I am sure they will be thrilled to move from their cramped cage into this one.

  • Offers Tons of Height Space The Kaytee Ferret Home Plus measures 24 x 24 x 44.2 inches; hence, it provides an adequate amount of ground and height space. Having multiple levels will give your pets a good vantage point from each angle. Likewise, you have numerous options for setting up hammocks, tunnels, cubbyholes, etc.
  • Features a Deep, Easy-to-Clean Base This purple cage comes with a deep base to help prevent shavings from spilling. This feature also grants your little buddies some privacy. The bars are spaced relatively well, and they are easy to wipe down as well.
  • Includes Caster Wheels Having caster wheels is a huge plus, as it enables you to move the cage quickly.
  • The Doors are Unreliable
    Unfortunately, the doors can be irritating, as the “lock and unlock” feature gets broken easily. When that happens, you can’t lock or unlock the doors without popping the whole door off and fix the handle. And if your rat loves to climb, it could pop the cage doors open.

    Some components of the cage are faulty, but of course, you can’t expect a perfect critter for the price. You need to be mindful of the potential problems when you introduce your pets to their new place until it is practical for you to find a more reliable enclosure.

4. Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Habitat for Exotics

Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Habitat for Exotics If you are a new critter owner, finding a good-sized enclosure can be a struggle. You either get something too cramped for a pair of rats or something that will take a massive chunk of your space.

That is why the Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Habitat is a classic favorite among new pet owners.

  • Roomy Enough for a Pair of Rats This cute cage measures 30.5 x 8.5 x 18.5 inches and provides a spacious habitat for two rats. The coop doesn’t come with a stand, which is an advantage if you don’t want to rearrange an entire room. While the cage sits comfortably on top of a table or bookcase, your little friends can go on a spree inside.
  • Horizontal Bars with 1/4-inch Spacing This model has horizontal bars, which work as tiny ladders for your pets. Since rats are escape artists, the proximity of the bars is a big deal. Fortunately, the cage has a 1/4-inch spacing, which is enough to prevent adult rats from fitting themselves through.
  • Has Multiple Levels Connected by Wide, Textured Ramps At first, I was anxious Rodrigo and Duterte might fall to their death when reviewed the cage. My little “ratscals” were rough housing at the uppermost level. But I realized the plastic slides cover most of the open space, so they won’t fall that far and get hurt. Also, the wiggly ramps have texture to provide traction.
  • Features a Deep Base The best characteristic of this cage is the depth of its base. The bottom shelf measures five inches high. Hence, my boys cannot kick their shavings out of the cage. This feature is a rare find, especially in all-metal cages. Having high walls also grants them a darkened space for them to chill away from my snooping eyes.
  • The Plastic Base Can’t Withstand Regular Chewing
    I do understand that the quality of the plastic does not work for aggressive chewers. The base isn’t thick, so it won’t take long for a motivated pet to find its way out.
  • Lengthy Assembly and Cleaning
    I appreciate that the cage arrived without any bent wiring. The walls did not interlock properly onto the base. This flaw seems to be a thing about this model, as I have read similar complaints. I had to use zip ties to correct this problem. This means I have to cut the zip ties and attach new ones after I deep clean the cage each week.

5. AmazonBasics Jumbo Rat Habitat

AmazonBasics Jumbo Rat Habitat The Rat Habitat by Amazon Basics lacks the bells and whistles you see in high-end enclosures.

But you can use this crate as a way to transport pets or as a temporary shelter while cleaning your critters’ main cage.

  • Roomy and Portable I recommend you get the jumbo size that measures 48.6 x 26.6 x 20.6 inches. While this is the largest size available, it weighs 18.7 pounds only. So, you can lift the entire crate while you are on vacation with your furry pals.
  • Provides Good Airflow This unit has an iron wire upper frame, which I like since it allows for maximum ventilation and visibility during travel.

  • Highlights a Deep PP Base The best feature of this cage is no other than its deep base made of PP plastic. PP stands for polypropylene — a durable, waterproof, and heat-resistant. Having high walls are the best way to counter your pets’ habit of catapulting unsanitary matter. Likewise, this feature will give them a lovely retreat.
  • Comes with a Budget-Friendly Price Tag and Many Freebies Not only is this rat habitat an affordable option, but it also includes free items such as a non-drip water bottle, hay guard, and a tip-proof food bowl.
  • Includes a Balcony I also appreciate that there is an elevated platform where my pets can enjoy a look-see. Likewise, they can hide underneath the balcony for privacy.
  • Assembling and Cleaning is Straightforward Assembling the cage requires no tools, and disassembling the pen for cleaning isn’t that bad. You can replace newspapers and perform spot cleaning with ease because the cage has two entries.
  • Metal Wiring is Flimsy
    Then again, I have to remind you that this cage can provide quick, temporary solutions only. The wiring is low-quality and may bend over time.

6. Mcage 3-Level Rodent Cage

Mcage 3-Level Rodent Cage If you are willing to compromise in exchange for huge savings, how about you try the Mcage 3-Level Rodent Cage?

Let me begin by saying this unit has many flaws, but a little creativity and patience can go a long way.

  • Cheap, but Fares Well After a Bit of Work When I received the product, I noticed immediately that the metal bars are thin and flimsy. A few were bent out place. This is what you will obtain for the price you pay, and I like I said, it needs elbow grease to look and function its best. However, there is nothing a needle nose pliers, some paper clips, and a piece of cloth can’t fix.
  • Offers Three Levels of Fun As the name hints, this cage has three levels. The platforms were the same type of shabby metal, and I also have to bend them back to shape. Luckily, I haven’t had issues with them ever since. Since my boys would just bounce from level to level, I got rid of the ramps to free up a little more space.
  • Portable The spacing between the wires is 3/8 inches, and the cage comes with handles for a safer and more transport.
  • Has Extra Room to Spare for Some Toys The cage isn’t exactly as big as I’d hope, but it is the biggest cage you will get within its price range. Nevertheless, there is adequate space for lava jump ledges, a hidey-hole, hanging ropes, and a potty box.
  • Easy to Clean This cage has two front doors, a wire raised grate floor and a slide-out bottom plan for hassle-free cleaning. Wire floors aren’t recommended, so don’t allow your pets to age in this cage.
  • Not Built to Last
    Over time, your rats may be able to gnaw through the bars. I suggest you add cardboard boxes, wood chews, and other irresistible chewing toys to ease their boredom.

7. Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home

Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home If you want your little friends to love you more, stop buying those bright-colored cages in pet shops. Even if you are on a shoestring budget, you can provide your rats with a suitable habitat such as the Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home.

  • Provides Adequate Space This enclosure can provide a safe and spacious home to a wide variety of pocket pets. It measures 32 x 19 x 17.5 inches and has a tight wire spacing of 3/8 inches.
  • Has a Deep Tubby Base The best thing I like about this model is its deep tubby base, which offers ample room for exercise and play. This feature also prevents shavings and unsanitary matter from flinging out of the cage onto your floor.
  • Safe and Secure Design I also like that the corners are round and lack pinch points that could injure my rats or my clumsy self. Not to mention, the cage has passed an independent lab testing, which assures pet safety.
  • Features Two Entries for Accessibility The cage has two entry doors — one on top and another on the side. Each door has a wire-latch locking mechanism that fortifies the safety of your pets. Adding to that, it includes a snap-on/snap-off mesh with six clips.
  • Easy to Maintain Both doors are large enough to grant you the ease of access to the interior of the cage. Likewise, the plastic ramp and platform are removable for easy cleaning. Daily spot cleaning beneath the platform may be a little tricky, but the material of the base is incredible. Urine calcifications will not build up because you can wipe it easily with a damp cloth each day.
  • Not That Durable
    Although this product is not built to outlive your pets, you can expect it to perform well for a few months until you can afford a better-quality unit.

8. Prevue Hendryx 495 Earthtone Dusted Rose Cage

Prevue Hendryx 495 Earthtone Dusted Rose Cage The 495 Earthtone Dusted Rose Cage is not only beautiful but also surprisingly sturdy for the price you pay.

Here are a few good reasons to try it.

  • Zero Plastic, All Metal The no.1 feature I love about this cage is that it has no flimsy plastic parts. Every component of this cage is metal, aside from the waste tray, which my rats don’t have access to.
  • Solid Ramps with Ridges The metal ramps are wide and sturdy with ridges across to help kittens or elderly rats to gain sure footing. Better yet, cover the slope using a cloth and a non-toxic adhesive for a more comfortable surface.
  • Tight 3/8 Wire Spacing The spacing between the wires is 3/8 inches. I doubt baby rats can squeeze through.
  • Offers Good Space The cage measures 31 x 20.5 x 40 inches and provides enough ground and height space for your critters to frolic inside. Then you can take advantage of this space by adding toys galore. By the way, you can use this habitat for almost any critter — chinchilla, degu, hamster, rabbit, etc.
  • Easy to Assemble and Came Intact The product arrived at my doorstep without bent bars or missing pieces. That aside, putting the pieces together is straightforward. I was able to set up the enclosure within 20 minutes. The cage has a bronze finish rather than a rose color that the manufacturer has claimed. But for me, the slight difference in the hue is not an issue.
  • The Door has Wind-bell Lock I don’t like the door of the cage, but I do appreciate that there is a wind-bell lock that will provide extra security against smart escape artists.
  • Emits a Chemical Smell after Unboxing
    The package came with a potent chemical smell, but it goes away if you air it out.
  • The Small Door Makes It Hard to Reach Corners
    Since the door is small, it makes cleaning an everyday struggle for me. Thankfully, the cage has casters, and so, I could push it outside and hose it down for proper washing.
  • Rattles
    I don’t suggest placing the cage near your room because it can get really noisy when your rats jump around.

Best Rat Cage: Buying Guide

Back in the days, fish tanks or aquariums were the go-to rat habitats. However, this type of enclosure can significantly affect the respiratory health of our whiskered friends.

Rats are sensitive, and so, please consider the following factors before you decide on your rodent’s accommodations.


A single rat needs at least 2 cubic feet of space. But from my perspective, it is best to give your tiny critter the largest cage your budget can possibly get.

Unlike your cat or dog, a rat spends most of its short life being confined. That’s comparable to a jail sentence, don’t you think?

Long story short, a large cage has many perks. With a large pen, you can add as many toys and other paraphernalia to keep your little pals happily busy. Otherwise, you risk your rats transforming into mini werewolves that wreak havoc in your kitchen.

If you are a new owner, get two or three rats. These social creatures thrive in a group and may fall ill when they are alone.

Height Space vs. Ground Space

Male rats prefer having more ground space, while females appreciate the extra height space. Does are more adventurous, as they love to scamper high up the ramps. Nevertheless, it is better to have both.

Locking Mechanism and Tight Wire Spacing

Rats have a knack in picking locked doors and squishing through small crevices. So, be sure all entries of the pen feature reliable locking mechanisms.

A cage loses its purpose if it can’t effectively contain your little rogues. That aside, check the spacing between the wires or bars.

A pen with a 0.5-inch bar spacing may effectively prevent an adult rat from escaping, but you may want something narrower for kittens or baby rats.

Easy to Clean

How do you define an easy-to-clean rat cage?

First, pay attention to the doors. One of my pet peeves is a cage with a narrow door because it prevents me from even grabbing a hammock that hangs limply in a corner.

The best cage doors are full-width, like those of the Critter Nation 162. Having casters is also beneficial, especially if you have a large cage.

Metal vs. Plastic Construction

There is a reason why fish tanks are discouraged. This type of dwelling tends to build up ammonia from urine quite fast. The humidity and air temperature increase quickly, as well. The same thing can be said for plastic enclosures.

Fortunately, there are some plastic cages now that use a metal framework for added visibility and ventilation. The thing I love the most about this type of enclosures is that they have a deep base that prevents debris from getting flung out by my rats.

Still, I prefer an all-metal cage. Metal cages do not thin out or crack after it removes a good deal of abuse from weekly scrubbing and bleaching sessions. If you choose a metal cage, be sure it is rust-resistant to boot.

Wire vs. Solid Floors

Some pet owners prefer wire grates because animal waste falls directly through the collecting tray underneath the cage. While this benefits the owner in some way, it increases the rat’s health at the same time.

Ulcerative pododermatitis, commonly known as bumblefoot, is a painful condition in rats characterized by sores on the bottom of the feet. This condition is most prevalent in senior and obese rats because the excess weight applies more pressure on their sensitive feet. Rats usually get this condition because of wire floors. That aside, rats could also lose a toe or an entire foot when it gets caught up between the wire.

This is why I always prefer solid floors to wire grates. Ramps and platforms should also be stable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size cage do I need for several rats?

Surely, the bigger the cage, the better for your pet. However, if one rat needs at least 25 x 15 x 20 inches, for two and more rats you should twice enlarge these dimensions. Such cages like 2-Story MidWest Deluxe Critter Nation #162, Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage, Kaytee Ferret Home Plus, Prevue Hendryx 495 Earthtone Dusted Rose Cage offer large space and several levels to accomadate two and even more rodents with maximum comfort.

How often should I clean the rat cage?

Proper and regular cage cleaning is the recipe of your pet`s health. We recommend performing weekly or even every third day cleaning to avoid unpleasant smells, bacteria, and diseases. Remember that this obligatory hygienic procedure is necessary for both of you – your rat and yourself.

What covers are the best for rat cage floor?

Good fillings for cage bottoms should be non-toxic, liquid and odor absorbent. Since rats spend a lot of time near the filing, they may eat it. That`s why it`s also quite important to choose materials, which do not provoke allergies, digestion and respiratory problems. Large wood cuttings and paper are nice and convenient options. We also recommend buying special mixes like corn cob bedding.

What do rats need in their cages?

As rodents spend most part of their time in the cage, it should be as convenient and entertaining as possible. First of all, rats need bowls for food and water bottles. Add some house with soft pad, which your friend can use like a den. While excercise wheels have already become a must-have, hammocks and ladders can broaden entertaining line. Many pet owners also put wooden sticks like excellent gnawing toys.

Can I use a rat cage like a carrier?

Some cage models combine two functions in one body. They can be used like stationary home for your rat and a carrier for transportation or vet visits. Among such 2-in-1 cages we highlight AmazonBasics Jumbo Rat Habitat, Mcage 3-Level Rodent Cage, Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home, and the others.


When choosing a rat cage among the eight best rat cages, it would be much preferable to select a large unit, as this would give your pets a lot of opportunities to explore.

If you are looking for a rat cage that could outlive your pets, then I recommend the MidWest Critter Nation 162.

This unit is the most expensive model in this list, but the size, durability, and quality it offers are worth each penny you spend.

The peace of mind you get with its escape-proof design is something money can’t buy.

Unlike most cages, it has full-width doors that make it easy for me to maneuver around. This cage could have been perfect if not for its shallow bedding tray. However, a quick trip to the dollar store can always help resolve this problem.

Moreover, I also recommend the AmazonBasics Jumbo Rat Habitat for short trips to the vet. I used this crate to transport my cuties and so far, it held well with the ravages of time.

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