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Purina ONE vs. Purina PRO PLAN Vs. Royal Canin

In this comparison article for Purina ONE vs. Purina PRO PLAN vs. Royal Canin, I will review some of their best-selling products and highlight the main differences between these well-established brands. Purina is notable for its affordability and consistency in producing hearty meals. While ...

Top 8 Best Dog Bones for Aggressive Chewers

I recently adopted a two-month-old Chow Chow pup who thinks I am a walking caldo de pata, which translates to “cow’s feet soup.” My puppy is teething – I get it. So, I used this opportunity to find the best dog bones for aggressive chewers while I still had an eager participant. This is the only ...

Top 10 Strange Foods that Dogs Can Eat

What gets your dog drooling? Expectedly, our canine companions want to eat the most scrumptious human food they could find on the table — spaghetti Bolognese, roasted beef with gravy, and seasoned lamb chops. Tiny bits of vanilla cake will be enthusiastically received for dessert, too. Although ...

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