Top 10 Strange Foods that Cats Can Eat

House cats love to eat meat, just like their big cousins in the savanna. Our feline companions get their nutrition from meat — not from crops, fruits, or vegetables. The protein from the meat they eat promotes cardiovascular and reproductive health, as well as sharp eyesight. But upon visiting ...

Top 8 Best Cat Nail Clippers 2020

Are you looking for the best cat nail clippers for your kitty’s mani-pedi? Even if you have plenty of money to cash out for grooming services, it is wise to have one safely tucked away in case you can’t avail such services. Cutting cat claws may not seem like a fun hobby, but it is a beneficial ...

Best Outdoor Cat House

Does Felix really need the best outdoor cat house? Yup! If you are a cat parent, then you must have seen your kitty stalk and attack small animals in the vicinity and proudly present it to you as a trophy. Domesticated felines love to hunt and roam the great outdoors, much like their big, wild ...

Top Seven Best Trackers for Cats

To put GPS tracker on their cats can sound excessive to some people, but have you ever come across a missing pet flier? Yeah. There is nothing fun in being the one who has to put those fliers for people to see. Luckily, there is an affordable solution for the problem that doesn’t limit your ...

Top 10 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

We have scoured the online market and rounded up 10 of the best cat trees for large cats. Cat trees are as valuable as litter boxes. If you have a kitty for a while, you should know by now that the top of the bookshelf, cabinet, or fridge is Cat Shangri-La! Our little lions have a long history ...

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