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Top 8 Best Dog Crates and Carriers for Car Travel

If your canine buddy is a regular vehicle passenger, you better have the best dog crate for car travel on hand. A loose pet inside a car is a hazard. Unrestrained dogs are one of the common causes of distracted driving. Even if your pet is an angel, things could take a new turn once he gets ...

Choosing a water proof seat cover for dogs

A waterproof seat cover for dogs may be a great asset for you, your dog, and your car. Trips to the beach, rainy days, days at the lake or unexpected swims are all reasons to invest in a premium waterproof seat cover for your pets. If you’ve got active pets that like to get wet and wild during ...

Dogs Training guide

It's a simple fact of pet ownership: training a dog is a lifelong process. Whether he knows five commands or 50, desired behaviors must constantly and consistently be reinforced. According to Best Friends professional trainers, offering patience and love are your best ways of communicating with ...