Top 10 Best Outdoor Kennel for Dogs

10 Best Outdoor Kennel

Our canine companions shower us with unconditional love; giving them the best outdoor dog kennel would be an incredible way to return the compliment!

Ever so curious, dogs love exploring the great outdoors. The sky is the limit to what your canine companions can do when they are out! For that same reason, you need to keep your pooch in check.

If your home lacks a fence, the best outdoor dog kennel will keep him safe and secure.

Take a Quick Peek at Our Best Picks

Easy set-up
No Tools Required
For Dogs:
MidWest Homes
62 x 62 x 30 inches
21.4 pounds
26 – 40 lbs
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New World Pet Products

62 x 30 x 62 inches
19.4 pounds
Medium dogs up to 20 inches tall
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Lucky Dog

48 x 48 x 52 inches
49.8 pounds
Any dog, puppy or small animal
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95 x 47 x 71 inches
21 pounds
For medium and large dogs
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32 x 32 x 40 inches
43.6 pounds
For puppies, small breeds, and medium-sized dogs
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97 x 46 x 71.5 inches
149 lbs
For medium and large canine breeds
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31.5 x 24 x 0.6 inches
64.9 lb
for Small Pets
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Paws & Pals

40 x 2 x 40 inches
17.64 lbs
For a single animal or multiple pets
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96.1 x 32.7 x 40 inches
81.9 pounds
For small pets
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48 x 32 inches
44 lbs
For a small dog
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10 Best Outdoor Kennels Reviewed

MidWest Homes for Pets Foldable Metal Exercise Pen

MidWest Homes for Pets Foldable Metal Exercise Pen
Do you have a pooch that runs off whenever he has the chance? If you do not have a fenced yard, you had better have the MidWest Homes for Pets Foldable Metal Exercise Pen!

This product is available in five configurations: 24” H, 30” H, 36” H, 42” H, and 48” H. Each package includes eight panels measuring 24 inches in width. I chose the 24-inch for my five-pound Pomeranian, Bobbie. For that, I was able to create 16 square feet of enclosed space.

I am not a handy person. Thankfully, the playpen was a breeze to assemble, and it did not require unfamiliar tools. As a bonus, I can deploy the enclosure in any shape I want. I can also connect two or more pens to create a sizeable barrier. Because of its collapsible design, the pen is a cinch to put away.

By the way, you can purchase this product with or without a door. But I would recommend you choose a model with a step-through door for a large kennel. In so doing, you can conveniently access the enclosure when you need to provide food and water. Besides, the door features a pair of secure slide-bolt latches to boot.

Furthermore, the playpen consists of durable and corrosion-resistant materials. The pen includes clips and anchors, too. That is why I can easily stake it down for outdoor use. There are also corner stabilizers to promote rigidity if I use it indoors. Unfortunately, you have to buy the mesh top separately. Without it, you cannot provide your pooch shade and protection against the elements.

While this pen served its purpose quite well for my Pom, I would not recommend it if you have a large, unruly canine. My Belgian Malinois, Barky, could easily break through the 48-inch model. He can pop off the stabilizers with no trouble.

Nevertheless, the MidWest Homes for Pets Foldable Metal Exercise Pen would be the best outdoor dog kennel for obedient and well-behaved dogs!
  • Offers five height and four color options
  • The step-through door has two door latches
  • Features an e-coat finish without exposed rough edges
  • You can choose a no-door design
  • You will receive eight ground stakes, four hook clips, and eight corner stabilizers
  • Easy to set up without the need for tools
  • You can deploy it in any shape or connect two or more kennels for more space
  • Folds flat for storage
  • You can use the cage inside or outside the house
  • Offers excellent rust resistance
  • The company sells the mesh top separately
  • May not be suitable for active, large dogs that are determined to escape

New World Pet Products Foldable Metal Exercise Pen & Pet Playpen

New World Pet Products Foldable Metal Exercise Pen & Pet Playpen
I love my mutt, Bungo, but I do not trust him. When he was still a six-month-old pup, he would slip through my neighbor’s yard to steal grilled chops. To save myself from further embarrassment, I had to buy the New World Pet Products Foldable Metal Exercise Pen & Pet Playpen.

This pen comprises of eight connected panels. Each panel measures 24 inches in width, thereby creating a 16-feet enclosure. As for the height, you can choose among five configurations: 24” H, 30” H, 42” H, 48”, and 63”.

Before I met the New World Pet Products Foldable Metal Exercise Pen & Pet Playpen, my pup would tremble in fear as he traverses the hallway. Bobbie was not ready to become a big brother, and he would often bully Bungo. Thankfully, I could connect the spacious playpen with Bungo’s New World Pet crate. Since then, my pup was able to enjoy himself and retreat peacefully to his den.

This product shares a few standard features with the MidWest unit. But as far as the price tag is concerned, this kennel is a few dollars cheaper compared to item no. 1. I was able to put together three pens and created a spacious play yard for my pup. You can arrange the kennel in a square, rectangle, and octagon.

The playpen also features a wire construction finished with a black e-coat. However, the coating seems scarce. I set up a small enclosure on our balcony, and I forgot to stow it away. There were rust stains on our tiled floor after it rained. I reckon the coating is not enough to protect the wires from rain or any liquid. You may also want to place some felt pads or rubber on the corners of the pen. Otherwise, it would scratch your precious hardwood floors.

On a side note, this cage lacks a gate. The only way to make an entry or exit is to unhook a section. But in my case, I do not need one. The height is low enough for me to bend and reach my pup.

  • Comes in five different height configurations
  • You will receive four ground stakes and four locking thumb snaps
  • The pieces are easy to put together without the need for tools
  • You can arrange it in any shape
  • Compatible with other crates and accessories under the same brand
  • Very affordable
  • The absence of a door might prove inconvenient for larger models
  • Having a foldable design would be preferable
  • Its e-coat finish does not prevent rust bleeding
  • You need to put something on the bottom to prevent the crate from scratching floors (when used indoors)
  • May not be suitable for large, muscular dogs that will do everything to flee

Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel

Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel
Are you on the lookout for an outdoor dog kennel with a roof? Try the Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel. I have not used this product for my pets before, but I have donated one to our local shelter.

This model comes in three configurations, and the kennel I picked was the largest, which measures 48 x 48 x 52 inches.

This cage requires a no-tool assembly, which is a relief since I do not have any tools. After all, it features a modular design.

You are free to position the panels any way you like. The panels clamp easily together, too. Likewise, the door swings open freely for easy entry or exit. You may also use a padlock to secure the kennel.

The Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel seems to have a big fan base, and I am not surprised. The cage consists of high-quality stainless steel tubes and wireframe with no rough edges.

Plus, the entire structure has a powder-coated paint finish to prevent rusting. Most importantly, it includes a steel roof frame and a heavy tarpaulin cover.

Although I like this kennel, I would not use it for my canine buddies. My dog could quickly push this kennel around form the inside.

If your pooch is small or has no behavioral issues, then this kennel would probably do him well.
  • Features a durable stainless steel and wireframe construction
  • Comes in three configurations
  • You can lock the gate with a standard padlock
  • Includes a steel roof frame and a waterproof cover
  • There are no rough edges
  • The entire structure has a powder-coated finish
  • The pieces are easy to build without the need for tools
  • Reasonably priced
  • A destructive dog can bite off the bungee cords that hold the top in place
  • The product exposes you to certain chemicals
  • A large dog could chew the wireframe

JAXPETY Uptown Welded Wire Kennel with Roof (for Large Dogs)

JAXPETY Uptown Welded Wire Kennel with Roof
Looking for a heavy-duty kennel for a canine Olympian is a struggle!

Thankfully, a friend recommended the JAXPETY Uptown Welded Wire Kennel for my Belgian Malinois. When assembled, this enclosure measures 95 x 47 x 71 inches. That is five feet and nine inches for those who hate math! Considering how tall it is, its assembly may take 30 to 45 minutes. But believe me, it is all worth the sweat!

This kennel boasts of a heavy-duty construction comprising of galvanized steel and wire mesh. The manufacturer welded both the steel bars and wire mesh before coating to eliminate harsh edges that could harm your canine companions. I do not know what type of paint they use, but so far, the cage is indestructible. Rain or shine, it stays looking good as new.

Also, the enclosure comes with a steel roof frame and a waterproof cover that fit snugly together. These features afford me the peace of mind knowing that my Mal is dry and toasty inside his cage.

The latching mechanism of the door will also prevent him from pursuing his wild dreams. But even if I coop up my Mal for a while, I can tell he appreciates the generous kennel size. He has separate areas for playing, sleeping, and dining.

Sadly, it may cost other pet owners an arm and a leg. It is indeed expensive, but the JAXPETY Uptown Welded Wire Kennel is without a doubt, the strongest outdoor dog kennel you will ever find! It is worth every dollar you spend because it can last for many years.
  • Boasts of a robust and long-lasting construction of galvanized steel and wireframe
  • Affords your canine companion generous space
  • The finish offers incredible rust and corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for both residential and professional use
  • Adopts a firm splicing technology to prevent dogs from breaking the joints
  • There are no harsh edges
  • Includes a steel roof frame and a reversible tarpaulin cover
  • The cover has added UV protection to prevent cracking
  • A costly option
  • Its assembly is easy but may take a while

Yaheetech Heavy-Duty Foldable Metal Exercise Kennel

Yaheetech Heavy-Duty Foldable Metal Exercise Kennel
Let your creative juices flow and realize your dog kennel ideas with the Yaheetech Heavy-Duty Foldable Metal Exercise Kennel!

This product is available in a set of eight or 16 panels with three height options. The heights for the 16-panel design are 24,” 32,” and 40.”

This product grants you the flexibility to add, remove, or reconfigure the enclosure. You can form an L-shape, rectangle, square, octagon, and whatnot. Better yet, buy more sets and make a humongous play area!

My only gripe is the assembly. Each piece has two tubes soldered together to each end, and you need to insert a long rod for each tube. The rods, which are longer than the height of the fence, serve as anchors. You have to push them deep into the ground.

If you cannot get it right, you will most likely end up with a flimsy enclosure. This task is going to be a lot harder if the ground is hard.

Nevertheless, the panels are a 10-gauge iron wire with a premium black finish. If you use the cage for puppies and small dogs, you can allow the rods to protrude. Rest assured the kennel would remain stable.

Likewise, each gate will have two safety latches to contain your fur-babies. But because I am neurotic, I would add zip ties to the door.

  • Made with durable metal wireframe
  • Coated with a black iron finish to increase rust resistance
  • Offers numerous customization
  • There are metal rod inserts for anchoring the cage into the ground
  • Features a fold-and-carry configuration
  • Suitable for puppies, small breeds, and medium-sized dogs
  • Pushing the anchors into the ground will be difficult if the soil is hard
  • Smart pups can break through the locking mechanism
  • Unboxing the product and assembling the pieces is time-consuming

PawHut 50”/97” Outdoor Galvanized Metal Dog Kennel w/ UV & Water-Resistant Tarp Cover

PawHut 50 97 Outdoor Galvanized Metal Dog Kennel

We love our furry family members; it delights us to see them enjoying the breeze and soaking up the sun. But we cannot always keep an eye on them. Leaving their safety to chance would be negligence. Hence, I would recommend you get the PawHut Outdoor Galvanized Metal Dog Kennel.

This cage is suitable for medium and large canine breeds, as it boasts a vast and lofty design.

When assembled, the pen measures a whopping 97 x 46 x 71.5 inches inclusive of the roof. The outdoor kennel will stand up to the elements, thanks to its galvanized metal frame.

Rest assured you could use this enclosure for many years with minimal upkeep. And because it has a durable tarp cover, your furry pal will stay dry and toasty when it drizzles.

By the way, you do not need tools for its simple assembly.

What I like most about this kennel is the roof tarp. The cover does not collect rainwater, debris, and snow, as these smoothly run off instead of building up. Likewise, the tarp features water resistance and UV protection to prevent peeling or cracking.

The pen also has raised legs, too so you can effortlessly sweep or hose down dirt.

My only gripe is that you could no longer use the roof frame and the tarp cover once you connect more sets. The roof will no longer fit if you expand the kennel with additional parts. Then accomplished climbers will be able to scale the high panels by then.
  • Features a galvanized metal frame
  • Provides ample space for your dog
  • Includes a roof frame and tarp cover
  • The cover has added UV protection to prevent peeling
  • The roof will not accumulate rainwater, snow, and debris
  • Has raised legs for easy cleaning
  • Expandable and easy to put together
  • You will need stakes to secure the cage if you have a large escape artist
  • Expensive

ZENY Foldable Metal Exercise Kennel – 16/8 Panels

ZENY Foldable Metal Exercise Kennel
Since my mom had scoliosis, she needed to find a way to let her dog play, run around, and do his business without her constant attention. But because her landlord will not allow a permanent fence, an outdoor kennel was the only viable solution.

Luckily, we found the ZENY Foldable Metal Exercise Kennel.

The product comes in a set of eight and 16 panels. Mom chose the 16-panel cage, which provides 66.52 square feet of space. If you select the 16-panel design, you can divide it into two eight panels to create separate areas.

Assembly is straightforward. You can arrange the unit in a square, L-shape, octagon, circle, rectangle, etc. For a sturdier structure, you only need to push the hinge rods down into the ground.

This enclosure features a durable iron construction finished with a black satin finish for enhanced durability. Because it is highly resistant to the elements, my mother would rarely stow it away. But if she decides to take it down, she folds the pen for compact storage.

Unfortunately, scratches are a problem. The paint would peel off if something abrades it and as a result, the cage would eventually rust. Likewise, the pen could also scratch your floors if you use it indoors.
So far, the ZENY Foldable Metal Exercise Kennel works excellent as a playpen and an exercise area for her Corgi.
  • Made of durable iron metal wireframe with a black satin finish
  • Offers a decent rust and corrosion resistance
  • Available in eight-panel and sixteen-panel designs
  • You can divide the 16-panel configuration into two separate areas
  • Features a fold-and-carry design for quick and compact storage
  • Equipped with two slide-bolt latches
  • The finish tends to flake
  • Only suitable for toy and small dogs

Paws & Pals Pet Heavy-Duty Folding Metal Outdoor Kennel with Door

Paws & Pals Pet Heavy-Duty Folding Metal Outdoor Kennel
This model from Paws & Pals consists of metal and 0.5 heavy-duty tube frame. The metal wires offer moderate rust resistance, as they feature a powder-coated finish.

While this kennel is reliable, it is not among the sturdiest cages out there. Still, it does a decent job at containing your pets.

Moreover, the kennel has an eight-panel design that affords its user multiple shape configurations. Each panel measures 30.25 inches in width, but the height varies on the size selected: 24” H, 32” H, and 40” H. Size-wise, it offers 30 square feet of space.

I like that the edges are seamless. The panels interlock securely, and the doors have safety latches to boot. Still, I would not recommend this cage for Houdini-like pets. If your dog is part-monkey, your pooch could easily climb the wiring.

If you are searching for a quick fix or a temporary enclosure, the Paws & Pals Pet Heavy-Duty Folding Metal Outdoor Kennel with Door should cater to your needs.
  • Consists of metal and 0.5-inch tube frame
  • Comes in a customizable 8-panel design
  • There are no fixtures or rough edges
  • Very affordable
  • May not be suitable for active, agile dogs who tend to escape
  • The paint peels off, causing rust
  • Vertical wiring is preferable to prevent pets from climbing

Yaheetech Heavy-Duty Foldable Metal Exercise Kennel – 16/8 Panels

Yaheetech Heavy-Duty Foldable Metal Exercise Kennel
Stopping your fur-babies from doing what they love is a difficult thing for a pet parent to do. But with the Yaheetech Heavy-Duty Foldable Metal Exercise Kennel, your pooches can have a safe and enjoyable time outdoors! You would not have to keep an eye on your dogs as you set them loose in the yard.

If you have a massive lawn, you can fence a portion of it using the eight-panel or 16-panel design.

Your furry pals would surely appreciate the generous space that allows them to execute their canine shenanigans.

The largest model measures 96.1 x 32.7 x 40 inches and weighs 81.9 pounds (37.14 kg). Either configuration offers 66.52 square feet of space. As for the height, you can choose between 24,” 32,” and 40.”

By the way, this product is highly customizable. You can create multiple shape configurations or split the kennel into two eight panels. Likewise, you can add as many sets as you can.

The product includes metal rods for comfortable panel arrangement and ground anchors to keep the cage in place.

The Yaheetech Heavy-Duty Foldable Metal Exercise Kennel consists of iron panels with premium powder coating for longevity and durability. Thereby, it offers excellent rust resistance. I also appreciate that the edges are round and smooth.
  • Made of high-quality and robust iron complete with premium powder coating
  • Has a hassle-free, no-tool assembly
  • The edges are smooth
  • The doors have latches
  • Comes in eight-panel and sixteen-panel configurations
  • There are metal rod inserts for anchoring the cage into the ground
  • Expandability is endless
  • Suitable only for small pets

Giantex Foldable Exercise Kennel with Door – 16/8 Panels

Giantex Foldable Exercise Kennel with Door
Made with heavy-duty metal and grey e-coat finish, the Giantex Foldable Exercise Kennel is strong enough to withstand years of bad weather.

The pen also provides decent rust resistance. The pen comes in an 8-panel and 16-panel design. If you choose the 16-panel configuration, you will receive 16 panels, two of which are doors. Each panel measures 31.5 inches in width, but there are two height variations available.

Assembly is a breeze. You can set up the pen into many shapes.

There are long iron bars that connect each panel, and they go a little way into the ground.

But if you have an active dog that likes to push the kennel, this pen may not be able to hold him. Nevertheless, it should work fine for a small dog.

  • Comes in The metal wire frame has an e-coat finish for rust and weather resistance
  • Comes in 8-panel and 16-panel designs
  • The 16-panel design comes with two doors
  • Expandable and foldable
  • Needs thicker and sturdier supporting rods
  • The wire bends easily if a massive dog leans on it

Outdoor Dog Kennel Buying Guide


There are many types of outdoor kennels in the market. Often, pet owners use the following terms interchangeably, although each differs in ways aplenty.

  • Kennel Runs – A kennel run is a hefty enclosure where a person could enter. It usually comes with a roof cover to provide shade and protection against the elements. Think of it as an extra-large dog house with maximum ventilation and visibility.
  • Boxed Kennels – A boxed kennel has a shorter fence than a kennel run. A majority of these units, especially when you make expansions, do not have a roof. Because of their expandability, boxed kennels are the perfect solution to temporary fencing.
  • Dog Cages – A dog cage is a small enclosure comprised of metal bars or wire. Since they are small, you should not coop up your dog for a long time.


What is your reason for getting an outdoor kennel? Are you planning to give accommodations to an outdoorsy dog? Will you use the enclosure as a doggie toilet? Are you going to let your pooch play and exercise inside the pen for a few hours?

Aside from the purpose of the kennel, consider the breed and age of your dog. You do not want your puppy to outgrow its den too quickly. Budget-conscious pet owners should settle for an outdoor enclosure that will admit his full adult size.

If you want the enclosure to be your dog’s second home, it should have ample room for an elevated dog bed and a play area. If you allow your dog to relieve himself inside the kennel, his food and water stations should be at the opposite end or as far away as possible.

The size of the outdoor kennel also depends on how much space you wish to give your dog. If you have a bunch of dogs, you could buy a boxed enclosure with expandable options. Ideally, there should be enough room for each dog to play with their toys.

Materials Used

The width and strength of the bars are essential so that the built of the cage should give you peace of mind. For serious chewers, you may want to skip the ones made with plastic or thin, chicken wiring.

Sturdy outdoor kennels are either stainless steel, galvanized steel, or heavy-duty metal. Each offers different advantages and varying degrees of durability.


An outdoor kennel should be heavy enough to withstand the strength of gales and your dog’s constant pushing. Having ground anchors would help set the cage in place. But if you want a portable enclosure for a small pooch, opt for a lighter kennel so that you can take it to different locations when you go camping or traveling.

Rust Resistance

Many months of outdoor exposure can take a considerable toll on cheaply made products. Invest in a product with a metallic design. Steel and metal are more resistant to rust and corrosion. Likewise, they inhibit the growth of harmful pathogens.

Ease of Access and Locking Mechanisms

Do you need a front gate or are you content with a top entry?

Playpens with shorter heights should work fine without a door unless it is hard for you to bend your back. It goes without saying that larger kennels should have a gate equipped with locking mechanisms.

Otherwise, your Houdini-like doggie could bust out in when you least it expect.


Having a solid roof is ideal. This feature will protect your dog from bad weather.
It also prevents jumpers and climbers from escaping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between outdoor kennels and dog houses?

Kennels have metal constructions. Ideally, you install these types of enclosures outside your house, such as a yard or a garden. Dog houses, on the other hand, are more of a decorative item or a sleeping nook for your dog. Kennels are much better, as they provide more room for your dog to hang out.

What is a dog kennel run?

Kennel runs are high enough for a person to walk inside. This type of kennel provides more security than boxed kennels, and some models even come with a cover. That is why shelters and breeders use this type of enclosure.

How big should my dog kennel be?

The age, breed, and size of your dog play a crucial role in determining the right size kennel size. If possible, you should provide your dog the largest kennel so that your pooch could exercise its freedom.

Are outdoor kennels good for dogs?

Outdoor kennels benefit dogs in many ways. For one, this enclosure will provide a safe and well-ventilated environment for your pet to express himself. Your dog can play in any way he wants as well as enjoy beautiful sceneries. If you have a vast garden, a kennel will keep your dog away from poisonous plants. Also, an outdoor kennel is a good alternative to expensive concrete or electrical fencing.


As with any product, you must be careful when choosing an outdoor dog kennel.

Not all products are the same; even when they have the same price tag. Some units are versatile, while others have minimal features but are sturdier.

Now that we have already shared our product reviews and the features you will need to look out for, it is time to make an informed decision.

But if you are still at a loss, we highly recommend the MidWest Homes for Pets Foldable Metal Exercise Pen. This product has all the features to provide your pet with a safe and accommodating perimeter. It is relatively sturdy, and it will surely last for a long time. You can choose a no-door design if it is convenient for you. Likewise, there are many color and height options to suit dogs of all sizes.

However, I would not recommend it for large and indocile dogs.

Boisterous dogs are best fitted with the AXPETY Uptown Welded Wire Kennel. Since it has a roof, you can use it as a permanent doghouse, too! The enclosure boasts of steel construction that offers excellent rust and corrosion resistance. Your canine companion will surely enjoy the fresh, outdoor air and the panoramic view of his surroundings.

A word of advice: you may want to place the kennel on a paved area. Otherwise, your dog will dig a tunnel to escape!
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