Top 10 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

Best Cat Trees for Large Cats
We have scoured the online market and rounded up 10 of the best cat trees for large cats. Cat trees are as valuable as litter boxes. If you have a kitty for a while, you should know by now that the top of the bookshelf, cabinet, or fridge is Cat Shangri-La!

Our little lions have a long history with heights. This habit harks back to ancient instincts. Back then climbing was a way to hunt food and escape into trees. Nowadays, our pet cats climb for safety and the pleasure of it.

But do you want your cat to scale your beautiful curtains or climb up delicate furniture? I bet no! That is why you need to provide your treasured felines any of the best cat trees for large cats. The term cat tree also refers to a piece of furniture complete with cubbies, climbing stacks, and scratching posts.

Cat Trees for Large Cats

The Best Cat Trees for Large Cats – Comparison Table

Overall Size
Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree
27 x 38 x 62 in
40.5 pounds
Check Price
AmazonBasics Dual Platform Cat Tree

19.29 x 49.61 x 19.29 in
34.3 pounds
Dark Brown
Dark Grey
Light Grey
Check Price
FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree for Big Cats

23.6 x 20.9 x 59.1 in
43.6 pounds
Smoky Gray
Light Gray
Check Price
Go Pet Club Kitten tree

23 x 29 x 46.8 in
21 pounds
Check Price

23.6 x 19.7 x 57.5 in
40.8 pounds
Light Gray
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36.6 x 30.7 x 62.2 in
54 pounds
Light Gray
Check Price

20 x 20 x 52 in
41 pounds
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23.6 x 15.7 x 33.1 in
26.8 pounds
Light Gray
Smoky Gray
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20 x 20 x 32 in
33 pounds
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20 x 24 x 65 in
55 pounds
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Best Cat Trees Reviewed

Below are the best cat trees for large cats. They come in a variety of sizes, construction, and entertainment value. Rest assured you could find a model that will make your feline companions happy in the comfort of your abode!

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree
The Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree will provide an extraordinary climbing opportunity for your cat.

This particular model has all the amenities that your pampered kitty will possibly want! With four levels of fun (inclusive of the base), your mischievous feline will bother you no more.

Cats of all ages, breeds, and sizes will love this tree! Underneath the first platform is a traditional hammock. There is also a canopy-style bed between the first and second levels.

Both of these cots will provide your cat with a suitable spot to loaf around all day. A cubbyhole and a lounging tunnel will afford your kitty some privacy as well.

Moreover, the cat tree has sisal-covered ladders to allow ease of access to the tiniest kitten as well as to the oldest kitty.

If your cat is a seasoned ripper, he can exercise his talent without bounds! The pillars that support the platforms have sisal on them, too. By this means, your cat has heaps of areas to scratch.

When assembled, the unit comes in at a whopping 62 inches high and has a base of 26 x 19 inches. That is 5 feet and 2 inches for those of you who hate math! The product weighs roughly 40 pounds (18 kg) and feels like you are lifting a child. I do not think cats could topple that easily.

Also, it comes in four different colors to complement your décor: black, dark navy, rich brown, and tan.

While this unit may be among the best cat trees for large cats, it is not without flaws. My Persian Cat, Bruce Wayne could not squeeze himself into the cubicle or the hammock. Perhaps he is too plump. The hammock could also fall off if Batman, my Bombay cat, plays roughly on it. Therefore, you may want to secure it with clips.

I am also afraid that the top perch might collapse if Bruce spends more time in there. Nevertheless, the rest of the cat tree has no problem carrying the brunt of my chubby cat or any large breed for that matter.

  • A four-tiered cat tree
  • Soft faux fur covers the entire cat tree
  • Includes two different hammocks, a perch, a lounging tunnel, and a sleeping nook
  • Sisal-wrapped pillars support the platforms
  • The sisal-textured ladders grant ease of access to small, weak paws
  • Comes in four different colors
  • Made of compressed wood
  • The top perch is not as sturdy as the rest of the cat tree
  • The hammock beneath the first platform detaches easily without clips

AmazonBasics Dual Platform Cat Tree

AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Platform
AmazonBasics often receives criticism for being cheap. But the design of the Dual Platform Cat Tree proves otherwise. With a chipboard frame and plush carpeting, this cat tower is the best within its price range!

Assembly is simple. It will only take 15 minutes more or less. The package also includes all the hardware you need, such as an Allen wrench and a screwdriver.

When assembled, the cat tower measures 19.3 x 49.6 x 19.3 inches and weighs about 28 pounds (12 kg). Bruce Wayne and Batman can play on the cat tree without issues. But for my peace of mind, I took advantage of the wall attachment and mounted the tree against the wall. In so doing, the cat tower will not tumble down if ever my 75-pound Belgian Malinois decides to join in the fun.

Additionally, there are spring toys and dangling balls galore! You can always add more toys as you see fit. If your cats are from hell like mine, they will take great delight in ravaging the rope pillars that have layers of jute. Having double floors, your cats can also satisfy their urge to climb and prance around.

Because Batman is such a devious daredevil, he loves to spend most of his time at the bolstered ledge. It measures 15 inches in diameter and offers the highest vantage point. The shelf is quite durable, so I am relieved. The lower bed is also almost as big.

Unfortunately, the snobbish Bruce Wayne hates the beds, as they lack cushioning. Therefore, you may want to improvise a little.

Overall, the AmazonBasics Dual Platform Cat Tree is an incredible product for the price! This model is available in five neutral shades, so it will not stand out.
  • A dual-platform cat tree
  • Includes carpeted platforms and beds
  • Features two cat beds and a spacious cubbyhole
  • The posts are jute fiber
  • Includes many fun additions
  • Comes with a wall attachment for increased stability
  • Available in five neutral shades
  • The stairs are steep for a kitten or an old cat to access
  • The beds need more padding
  • Made of chipboards

FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree for Big Cats

AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Platform
Cats instinctually love heights, but they also need plenty of opportunities to explore. That is why you should replace your lone cabinet with this multi-level cat tree by FEANDREA.

This furniture is perfect for active tabbies, as well as laidback kitties. This tree can serve as an all-in-one hangout for my cats!

When assembled, the cat tree measures 27.56 x 23.62 W x 44.09 inches. It highlights a robust construction using CARB-certified natural particleboards. There are also battens at the bottom of the tree to ensure overall stability. Additionally, it has a safety strap to prevent the tree from falling over.

However, it will take a decent amount of time and effort to put the pieces together. You have to screw the beds to the post one by one. But all my complaints with the tower have been set aside when I saw how happy my cats were.

Looking keenly into its design are four perches, a hammock, and a little house. The top ledges can double as cat beds, as they have thick bolsters and comfortable cushioning. My mini panther loves to calculate angles from the highest bed. And when he is bored, he goes down and plays with the jingle bells. I am not sure if he uses the hammock, but a medium-sized cat like him will be comfortable lazing there.

The little house is not that small, too. It measures 16.1 x 14.2 x 11.4 inches. My Persian cat loves to kill his time in there if he is not filing his claws at the sisal ropes.

And although he can access each tier with ease, I wish the two perches on the second level were bigger. My cats find them useless, and they would jump from the middle to the ground. This design flaw could aggravate arthritis in cats.
  • Made with premium-quality fiberboards
  • The high-density supporting tubes consist of compressed and glue boards
  • Uses natural sisal rope for high resilience
  • The faux fur that covers the entire tree is thick and soft
  • Available in Smokey Gray and Light Gray
  • The furniture out-gassed for several days despite being CARB-certified
  • The faux fur sheds and fuzzes
  • You have to drill a hole in your wall for you to use the anchor attachment

Go Pet Club Kitten Tree

Go Pet Club Kitten tree
One of the biggest pitfalls of cat trees is the price. This type of furniture can be pricey, especially for complex models. But even with a shoestring budget, you can still get your felines a space of their own to rest and play.

This model features a single condo design with two ledges and a textured ramp. The perches have different elevations, allowing your kitty to climb up and down. There are also dangling toys to amuse your cat.

The covering material of the tree is faux fur, and it comes in two neutral shades: beige and brown. When assembled, it measures 23 x 29 x 46.8 inches.

Structure-wise, it is strong enough to support one or two adult cats. But obviously, it is not for a large breed.

The opening of the cubicle is too constricting. I am afraid my chubby cat could enter the tree via the ramp. The ramp itself is flimsy, and I am sure my cat could tear the edges smoothly.

Nevertheless, it is good enough for kittens of all kinds. If you are looking for a quick solution or a gift for a friend, the Go Pet Club Kitten tree will serve that purpose.

  • Made of CARB-certified fiberboards
  • Has a cubbyhole and two perches
  • Includes dangling toys
  • Has a faux fur covering
  • Not suitable for a large adult breed
  • There are no sisal poles for scratching, except for the ramp

FEANDREA 58-Inch Cat Tree w/ Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts, Hammock, and Perches

FEANDREA 58-Inch Cat Tree

Your home may not be teeming with wolves and hyenas, but dogs and small children can threaten your cat just as much. Hence, you must provide your feline companions with plenty of vertical space to escape to and feel secure.

An excellent solution would be the FEANDREA 58-Inch Cat Tree!

Created by a team of design specialists, it highlights a rigid construction of thick fiberboards. Some battens reinforce the base as well. You can also anchor the tree against a wall using the anti-toppling strap that comes with the product.

When fully assembled, the cat tree measures 23.6 x 19.7 x 57.5 inches and weighs 40.5 pounds (18.37 kg). I do not think a dog could knock it over. The sturdy base and balanced distribution of the platforms make the tree it safe and reliable.

This lofty tower is one of the best cat trees for large cats, especially if you own a bunch.

By large, I mean Persian cats and the like. Finally, I have found a cat tree that will accommodate my lazy fat cat. The perches and hammock are incredibly spacious. My finicky cat would love to camp in there for hours. The velvety smoothness of the hammock must have made him forget that I bought him a bed.

Yes, comfort is one of the bestselling points of this cat tree. If you look closer, you will see that the perches are thick and well padded. The entire cat tree itself comes covered in a soft, downy fabric.

When your little guy is up, he can exhaust all his pent-up energy with the hanging balls and the sisal-covered scratching posts.

  • Made with CARB-certified, P2-grade fiberboards
  • The high-density supporting tubes consist of compressed and glue boards
  • The hammock has iron rods to support a massive cat
  • Has a spacious cubby
  • The perches are smooth and generously padded
  • Includes furballs and a play rope
  • The scratch areas are sisal rope
  • Available in dark grey and light grey
  • Assembly can be slightly challenging
  • You have to drill a hole in your wall for you to use the anchor attachment
  • The product off-gases within a day or two after unboxing

BEWISHOME Tree Condo w/ Sisal Scratching Posts, Perches, and Hammock


If you are looking for a cat tree with a flair of luxury, we highly recommend the BEWISHOME Tree Condo. With its grey plush cover, it appears more of designer cat furniture rather than a cat jungle gym. The material does not shed or fuzz as much, as I had initially feared it would.

The cat condo measures 36.61 x 30.71 x 62.2 inches. Assembly is straightforward. I recommend you assemble the tree in the room you want to keep it because it would be a pain to move it through the doorways.

If you wish, you can anchor the tree against the wall using the anti-toppling strap that comes with the product.

At the top are three fur-covered perches with bolstered edges to make your tabbies feel more secure and comfortable. Below those are two spacious cubbies surrounded by a plush-covered platform.

The rectangular cubby at the bottommost part is a lot bigger. In addition to the two doors, it has a small circular window for peeking. Between the cubbies is a large, cozy hammock that can finally fit my chubby cat.

The design of the cat condo is perfect for three to five large breeds. It provides ease of access to all levels; thereby, preventing catfights! Your kitties can ascend or descend from multiple directions without charging against others or disturbing those who are sleeping.

Another feature that I appreciate is the furballs hanging from the beds. Each ball has an elastic cord and a bell. Batman can pull on it with all his might, and he goes whacko each time it boomerangs. I am relieved that the balls are detachable, so I can replace them when it is time.

If your cat is a die-hard scratcher, the sisal posts might not be enough to satiate his scratching craze. Rest assured he would still enjoy it. Overall, this tree condo is a great choice.
  • A multi-tier cat tree with highly accessible platforms
  • Features three beds, two cubbies, and a hammock
  • Ideal for three to five large felines
  • Includes dangling toys with bells and elastic cords
  • The sisal does not go high enough on any of the pillars

CozyCat Furniture 52-Inch Cat Tower for Large Cats w/ Three Beds

CozyCat-Furniture-52-Inch Cat Tower for Large Cats
If you have multiple cats and limited space, it would be wise to get the CozyCat Furniture.

This cat tower measures 20 x 26 x 52 inches and arrives at your doorstep partially assembled. The screws are already where they should be. You need to fasten each of them.

The top bed, however, is a bit special and requires a power screwdriver for its assembly.

With large cats in mind, the manufacturer made sure they use solid wood for this model. This tower is anything but wobbly. It will not crumble or fall apart after receiving a good deal of abuse from your cat.

The sizes of the beds are ideal for large felines as well. Each bed has a diameter of 15 inches and a depth of six inches.

Undoubtedly, the beds are large enough to cater to cats weighing up to 20 pounds.

On the side note, any cat can manage the distance between each tier with ease. In my case, Batman would take his place on top. You can place this tower next to the window, so your kitty can bask under the morning sun or watch birds fly.

Unfortunately, the sisal does not even wrap the entire post. But anyway, my complaint is not enough to outweigh the advantages given by this product.
  • Uses solid wood
  • A perfect alternative to bulky cat beds
  • Each bed is spacious enough for a sizeable feline breed
  • Arrives partially assembled
  • Covering material used is household carpet attached by staples
  • Uses unoiled sisal ropes for scratching
  • Available in beige, blue, brown, gray, and green
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Has only one scratching post

FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats with Two Plush Condos

FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats with Two Plush Condos
This particular model by FEANDREA measures 23.6 x 15.7 x 33.1 inches when assembled.

Just like other FEANDREA products, it highlights a sturdy construction using CARB-certified particleboards. The tower also has battens at the bottom for increased stability.

It might not be the tallest among the bunch, but a laidback kitty will love it no less.

If you have a senior cat or an arthritic kitty, he would not mind getting a shorter cat tower. Older cats do not explore as much as young, agile ones.

Besides, the tower has a plush and extra-large perch at the top. This small playground comes with two scratch posts. It also has two cubbies, one of which has two entryways, so your kitty has an option of entering.

  • Made with CARB-certified, P2-grade fiberboards
  • The high-density supporting tubes consist of compressed and glue boards
  • Features two cubbies and an extra-large top lounger
  • The covering material is soft, faux fur
  • Available in beige, light gray, and Smokey gray
  • Reasonably priced
  • Not high enough for most cats

New Cat Condos 70-Inch Solid Wood Cat Tower

New-Cat-Condos-70-Inch Solid Wood Cat Tower
Instability is a common flaw in high-rise cat trees. Considering how playful and carefree my pets are, my previous cat trees quickly became a Leaning Tower of Pisa.

But this cat tree from New Cat Condos is different. It uses hardwood; the same type to make floors and walls. There are no ledges that might fall off. No pillars that might crumble. Everything looks and feels robust!

I am sure the cat tree will stay in one piece even if my cat gets possessed.

The tree measures 20 x 20 x 70 inches and weighs 50 pounds. Batman loves this cat tree a lot because he can keep an eye on the world below him with the utmost confidence.

But if 70 inches sounds intimidating for you, you may opt for the 45- and 32-inch versions. The largest model features six platforms, inclusive of the base. The cat tower has a thick and hardy foundation. That is why it can support multiple cats with ease.

Another thing that impresses me is the carpet covering. As opposed to the typical fleece or faux fur, the cat tree uses household carpeting for maximum comfort and durability. Fluffy coverings tend to shed like crazy. But not this one!

The tree arrives in your doorstep fully assembled, thereby saving you a lot of time and frustration!

Unfortunately, it does not have a scratching post. The lush carpeting is not enough to satiate my cat’s innate desire to scratch.

Therefore, I cannot say it is an all-in-one product. But it is undoubtedly a cool hangout for my height-loving cat. It is perfect on the porch!

  • Almost 6 feet high
  • Features a solid wood construction
  • Comes with multiple perches
  • The entire cat tree comes covered in household carpeting
  • Has a solid, square base to prevent tipping
  • Ideal for multi-cat households
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • It does not have a scratching post
  • An expensive option

New Cat Condos 65-Inch Cat Tower w/ 4 Easy to Access Perches

New-Cat-Condos 65-Inch Cat Tower
I have purchased a good deal of pet furniture, so I can tell if a product is worth the splurge with a glance. If money is not a concern, I suggest you buy this cat tower by New Cat Condos.

Buying this cat castle eliminates the need for purchasing separate cat beds. In so doing, you are saving money!

The ledges are 17 inches in diameter and 7 inches in height. It can comfortably accommodate giant cats, such as Maine Coons, Norweigan Forest cats, and Ragdolls among others.

It has three high-rises, making it ideal for a multi-cat household as well. What is more, it uses high-grade carpet. If you have a hellish cat like mine, you do not want them pulling out the fibers. I am glad my Batman cannot make a mess with this tree.

My Persian Cat, Bruce Wayne, is fat and lazy. He uses the bottom bed, but Batman prefers to be always high above ground level. Whenever my niece stays with us, my sulky cat would fight for the highest spot against her kitty.

But I am never worried that the tree might tip over. It never wiggled even when my cat jumps around like a crazed mountain goat.

This product is a lot sturdier than a majority of cat trees on this list. Why? Simply because of its solid wood construction! Not wallboard, fiberboard, or particleboard composed of wood chips and shavings. It uses the same hardwood that you use to build your home.

When assembled, the cat condo measures 24 x 20 x 65 inches. It weighs exactly 55 pounds (29.94kg). It is indeed heavy.

So, consider its position beforehand. Is it high enough? The tree is taller than me, and I am 5’4. Luckily, this cat tower is a breeze to configure. It is so easy; you will not need a manual!

The base and two lower beds are already connected. You only need to screw the two upper beds. No tools required!

  • A high-rise cat condo complete with roomy beds
  • All four perches are highly accessible
  • Made with hardwood
  • Has a solid, square base to prevent tipping
  • Uses household carpeting
  • Ideal for giant cats
  • Uses thick and natural unoiled sisal ropes
  • Includes metal connectors
  • Available in three colors
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • An expensive choice
  • Heavy
  • Only has one scratching post

Best Cat Trees for Large Cats Buying Guide

How to Choose a Cat Tree

Size Consider the size of your cats and the number of felines you have. You should be looking at buying a tree that will allow all your cats to hang out if they wish to do so at the same time. Cats love to laze around and dally. So, be sure there will be enough platforms or perches for each to have their own.

Likewise, consider where you are going to place the cat tower. Is it going to be in the corner of your living room or a separate room exclusively designed for your cats?
This question will help you determine how much space you can allocate for your cat furniture.You want to give your tabbies enough room to play without taking up a massive chunk of space as well.

Level Height is a sign of status in the cat universe. For cats, there is prestige that goes with having the highest spot in the house. Therefore, the best cat trees for large cats should have more than one level.

If your cats are young and agile, a multi-level tree would be a good option, so they can climb and enjoy themselves. But these towering cat trees might need some attachment to the wall to ensure they stay firm and upright.

On the other hand, shorter models with large platforms will probably work better for senior cats. Aging tabbies may still have a little bit of their wildness in them, but creaky joints prevent them from climbing up.

Brand When it comes to pet furniture, brand names matter. Brands are a promise. They have established their credentials and earned their reputation for the quality they produce.

Ease of Assembly Cat trees come in pieces that you need to put together on your own. So, a cat tree that is easy to assemble is preferable. It would be better if it includes all the hardware you need.

Price Once you determine the quality of the tree, ask yourself if you can afford it and think about how long the product will last. If the cat furniture could last several years, then it is a great deal. It may cost above your budget, but it will help you save in the long run. The cheapest cat tree is not affordable at all if it will fall apart within a month. It will cost you more if you keep buying several cat trees in a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these things safe for large cats?

Cat trees are safe if you choose a product made of quality materials. If your cat thinks the tree is unreliable, he might stop using the tree. To be safe, never place the tree beside an open window. Cats are at a high risk of high-rise syndrome, which refers to injuries sustained from falls from buildings.

What is the best brand of cat tree?

Although coming from a reputable brand may hold some promise, what works for others will not always work for you. You need to look at the features critically and determine the needs or preferences of your cat.

Is it suitable for outdoors?

Cat trees designed for indoor use are not suitable for outdoor use because of their covering material. Indoor cat trees often use plush, faux fur, and carpet. Hence, you do not want them exposed to the elements. The cat tree will deteriorate quickly if your cat or some other pet will drench it.


Our pick for the best cat tree for large cats is the Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree because the overall design is perfect for multiple cats with different personalities.

It will provide your kitties haven and a way to demonstrate their social hierarchy in the house.

The tree is a breeze to assemble, too.

But if you are looking for a piece of cat furniture you can place outside your home, look for the best outdoor cat trees instead.

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